3 Day Congo Gorilla Safari to Virunga National Park

This 3 Days Congo Gorilla Safari to Virunga NP is designed for the adventurous traveler; 3 days of adventure, exploration, and an exclusive discovery of the lifestyle, eating patterns, body composition, and presence of the rare giant silverbacks guarding their families in the historical Virunga National Park, east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

As opposed to Uganda and Rwanda, Virunga National Park is the most affordable place for gorilla trekking. In addition, you can participate in a variety of events such as scenic viewing, photography, a tea plantation trip, a visit to the Rwanda Genocide Memorial Centre, and a visit to Lake Kivu. During this 3 Days Congo Gorilla Safari to Virunga National Park, we guarantee your protection and protection, a relaxed drive, good time management, and delicious cuisine.
Day 1: Pickup, Lake Kivu, and move to Virunga National Park

On this day of your 3 Days Congo Gorilla Safari to Virunga National Park, our company representative will meet you at Kigali International Airport as soon as you land on the soils of this fascinating hilly country, where the unforgettable experience begins. Following a briefing by our tour guide, who will answer any of your concerns and walk you through a thorough overview of the events and destinations to be visited, you will embark on a 5-6 hour drive to the Bukima sector in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but with a lunch stopover at Lake Kivu or Goma border.

While at Lake Kivu, you will experience a delectable lunch and an optional boat trip before moving on to Virunga National Park, where you will arrive really excited and ready to engage in dinner and a peaceful sleep.
Day 2: Gorilla trekking in the morning, followed by a visit to the tea plantations.

After an early morning meal, I joined other participants for a briefing session at the park headquarters (Bukima ranger station). The park rangers will show you some documentaries, clarify the special features of the gorilla family you will track, and check monitoring permits during the briefing.

Following that, he will appoint you a gorilla family of your choosing, a porter at your expense, and then accompany you to the bush, where you will be protected by expert armed security staff. Depending about how far the gentle apes have traveled in pursuit of foliage, this monitoring exercise will last anywhere from one to six hours. When you locate them, you will be given an hour to observe them whilst taking pictures, making inquiries, and gathering any details you might need.

After an hour, you will return to the lodge for lunch before proceeding to the tea farm, where the guides will explain the procedure that tea goes through before it is over. Before heading to the lodge for your last meal of the day and a break, you will have the chance to drink Congolese coffee.
Day 3: Departure and visit to a genocide museum

After breakfast, you can check out of the lodge and travel for 5-6 hours to Kigali International Airport, where your flight will depart. The driver-guide will pause at the genocide memorial grounds for a lecture on the nearly 250000 people who were buried here during the 1994 Tutsi-Hutu genocide. After that, have lunch before heading to the airport.

The three-day Congo Gorilla Safari to Virunga National Park has come to an end.

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