10 Days Uganda, Rwanda & Congo Gorilla Safari

This 10-day Rwanda, Uganda, and Congo tour package allows you to participate in a variety of thrilling events in all three nations. It includes gorilla trekking in Rwanda, golden monkey trekking in Rwanda, and a hike up Mount Nyiragongo in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In Uganda, the tour kit also involves game drives, a boat ride along the Kazinga river, bird watching, and chimp monitoring in Kibale National Park. Visitors would have the opportunity to tour Lake Kivu in Rwanda, the Iby’iwacu Cultural Village in Rwanda, Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda, Lake Burera and Ruhondo in Rwanda in between these events.

Hiking Mount Nyiragongo is one of the best things to do in Africa while on safari. At the summit of the peak, there is a molten lava bath, which is the only one accessible to visitors in Africa.

This 10-day Uganda, Congo, and Rwanda Safari will leave you with lasting impressions and memories of Africa. If you want to tour Rwanda and Uganda in particular, check out the incredible 10 day Rwanda Uganda safari kit.

Itinerary in full

Day 1: City Tour of Kigali – Move from Kigali to Kibale Forest National Park
If you are still in Kigali, get up early and have breakfast. The company driver will arrive and update you on the trip and what to expect. You will begin with a tour of Kigali in the early morning. The tour will include stops at the city’s main store, the genocide memorial, the old presidential palace, and artisan shops. Following the city tour, you can begin your journey to Uganda’s Kibale National Park. The ride to Kibale will be lengthy, but the scenery will be breathtaking. If Rwanda’s majestic volcanoes and hills do not hold your attention, the western part of Uganda can. You’ll arrive at the lodge in plenty of time to relax and brace for the chimp trekking the next day.

Day 2: Chimpanzee monitoring – Move to Queen Elizabeth Park
Following breakfast, you can depart for the park headquarters to attend a briefing by the park’s head guide. The briefing is mostly about what to think and how to behave with the chimps. Kibale National Park in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo has about 1500 chimps. The likelihood of seeing them is greater than 90%. Trekking with chimps in Kibale National Park requires about 3 and 5 hours. In several aspects, chimp monitoring differs from gorilla tracking. Chimps like to spend more time on top of trees than gorillas. They’re even more mobile, so you’ll have to keep track of them right after you’ve found them. Chimpanzees are much more vocal than humans, and there is often a lot of friction in the community. The dominant male must always hold his party in line, whereas gorillas obey all orders from their master. Following your visit to the chimps, you will be transported to Queen Elizabeth National Park in the evening. The trip to Queen Elizabeth National Park just requires two hours.

Day 3: Early morning game drive followed by a boat ride on the Kazinga Channel

On the third day of the trip, you can leave the lodge early in the morning with a packed breakfast and go on a game drive in the Kasenyi plains. The aim of the game drive is to capture the early raising mammals/birds, predators returning from night hunts, and other nocturnal animals until they flee to their hideouts. Expect to see buffaloes, leopards, tigers, and numerous antelope types. The early morning game drive often provides an opportunity to see a variety of endemic and migratory birds. You will head to the lodge for lunch and relax after the game trip.

You will be transferred to the Kazinga Channel for a boat ride at 2 p.m. The Channel, which links Lake George and Lake Edward, acts as a lure for all wildlife in the park. It has one of Africa’s most extensive bird collections. Expect to see crocodiles, hippos, tigers, antelopes, and rodents such as hyenas.

Day 4: Move to Lake Bunyonyi for a day of rest, bird watching, and a boat trip.

Wake up to a delicious breakfast and prepare to travel to Lake Bunyonyi. This is one of Uganda’s most scenic and peaceful areas. The term “Bunyonyi” refers to a location with a large number of birds. Several bird species nest on Lake Bunyonyi and its 29 islands (10 Days best of Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda safari). If you are a birder, you would be blown away by what you will see when visiting the lake. When you arrive, check into your room, take a shower, and go for a stroll around the lake as you wait to be taken on the boat trip and to see some of the lake’s islands. Do not pass up the opportunity to explore the torment island. Young girls who became pregnant before marriage were abandoned here. The majority were secretly rescued by men who couldn’t afford the bride price or the perpetrator. As soon as you arrive, the office Guide/Driver will arrange for the boat ride and other activities.

Day 5: Finish Lake Bunyonyi activities – Transfer to Volcanoes National Park

Wake up to a lovely breakfast before embarking on some Lake Bunyonyi events. Around midday or 1PM, the driver will begin the journey to Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park. When you travel to Volcanoes National Park, take in the stunning scenery of Rwanda and Uganda. If you arrive early enough, you can go for a walk around your lodge or visit Musanze. Make sure you have plenty of rest so you can go gorilla trekking the next day.

Day 6: Rwanda gorilla monitoring – visit the Iby’iwacu cultural village
Get up early to attend the gorilla trekking briefing, which begins at 7:00 a.m. The briefing is needed for all trekkers to get an outline of what to expect during the monitoring. While on a Rwanda gorilla safari, you will select from ten habituated gorilla families. One will be allocated to you depending on your total health level. Gorilla monitoring may be difficult, but once you spot the gorilla family, you’ll know it was a worthwhile endeavor. Observing a gorilla party is fun, and you might spend hours watching the little ones roll about and play. Mountain gorillas are considered to be inquisitive and playful creatures. Keep cool and obey your Guide’s directions at all times. Return to the starting point and the hotel for lunch and relaxation after spending an hour with the gorillas. In the evening, our driver will take you to the Gorilla Guardian Village, which is located near the Volcanoes National Park.

Day 7: Golden Monkey Tracking – Lake Burera and Ruhondo visits
Take an early breakfast and depart for the volcanoes national park offices for another update on golden monkey monitoring on this day. Following the briefing, you can reach the forest in pursuit of the adorable 10 Days safari in Rwanda, Congo, and Uganda monkeys, accompanied by the chief park guide. The golden monkeys would eventually appear on top of tree branches and on the grass. Golden monkeys are inquisitive and playful primates. Unlike gorillas, they enjoy flash photography. The golden monkey is a critically endangered primate. Humans and eagles are their primary predators. In contrast, after you’ve finished monitoring the monkeys, you’ll be led back to the lodge for lunch and rest. In the evening, you will be driven to the stunning twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo.

Day 8: Move to Gisenyi on Lake Kivu for swimming, island hopping, and relaxing.
10 Days Safari Tour in Uganda, Congo, and RwandaBegin your day with breakfast and prepare to depart from Volcanoes National Park in Gisenyi for Lake Kivu. Lake Kivu is Rwanda’s biggest freshwater lake. Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo share the pool. When you arrive, you will go swimming and exploring the many lakes on the island. Following the boat trip, the drive till brings you to a restaurant along the Congo border for lunch before returning to the lake for enjoyable events.

Transfer to Goma Congo – Mount Nyiragongo Hiking Day 9
On this day, you will be brought very early to the Congo boundary for immigration clearance. After having your yellow fever cards checked and your visa stamped, you can travel to the Congo side of the border to visit the Virunga squad. The Virunga team will transport you to Congo’s Goma and then to Kibati village. The hiking to the Nyiragongo Volcano begins in Kibati. Hiking to the peak of the volcano can take about 4 and 6 hours. You will be accompanied by porters who will assist you in preparing dinner and setting up the sleeping cabins. After experiencing the spectacular views of the lava lake, dinner and overnight will be in cabins constructed at the summit.

Descend the Volcano – move to Kigali for departure.
You will descend the volcano by 8:00 a.m. after enjoying one of the most incredible moments of your journey. Take time to enjoy the magnificent Virunga volcanoes and the Virunga National Park as you descend. Mount Nyiragongo, in particular, provides spectacular views of the Rwenzori Mountains, Lake Kivu, and Kahuzi Biega National Park. Much of this is better seen when descending the volcano. You will be moved to the border post until you arrive at the starting stage. Get another Rwanda visa and cross the border to where our Guide/Driver is waiting for you. The driver will drive you back to Kigali for another long trip. If you arrive early and your flight is late at night, our Guide will lead you on a city tour of Kigali.

Safari is at an end.

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